Whatever your event needs, we've got you covered.

Harmony Hall is packed with the lighting, sound, and accessories that you need to make your event unforgettable.  


Fully Customizable Seating For Up To 179 Attendees.

Whether you need auditorium-style seating for your recital, round-table seating for your baby shower, or an open hall for your rock show, we'll make it happen.

Powerful Sound Equipment

Our powerful Peavey sound system is composed of four PVX P15 PA speakers, 2 PVXP subwoofers, and is suitable for all sound applications.  From playing background music to amplifying a band, your event will sound incredible. 


Stage Lighting Included in Basic Pricing (9).jpg

Professional Stage Lighting

Harmony Hall boasts 11 Blizzard RGBW par lights, 4 Blizzard Pixelstorm RBG LED Strips, and 3 ADJ Pinspots, all connected to our Behringer Eurolight LC2412 DMX Controller.


Knabe Concert Grand Piano

Simply put, this piano will take your recitals from "good" to "great". This gorgeous instrument has a tone that has to be heard to be believed.



Serving refreshments at your next event?  Having a place to store, assemble, and prepare your food & drink items is crucial.  Our kitchen has a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, a double-wide sink with a garbage disposal, and a generous amount of counter space.


Fog, Bubbles, and Accessories

In addition to a fog machine & a bubble machine, we have an extensive stock of mics, cables, direct boxes, extension cords, and power strips. 



Dual 70" LG UHD 4K TV's

Our televisions are mounted on each side of the stage, and are equipped with a wireless HDMI receiver.  Perfect for PowerPoint presentations, karaoke parties, slideshows, video streaming, and more!